If you are a Garment Exporter, Fabric Manufacturer/ Processor or Fabric Supplier having fabric excess than your requirement which is in good condition but will either be considered worthless or get sold to the stockist at throw away prices then hold on for a moment. If you are looking for the right market to sell your fabric then just sit down in the comfort of your home and earn by letting your fingers do the walking through the "Sell With Us" feature on our website.
"Sell With Us" and get your fabrics browsed by the potential buyers across the world whom you couldn't reach.
How it works ?

  • Listing your fabric on our website is extremely easy and free.
  • If you find it difficult to click images by yourself and upload data on our website, we can do it for you for a small fee of Rs50 per fabric. Download Photoshoot Guideline
  • We will add 10% (Woven And Knit fee) to the prices provided by you and shall promote your fabrics to Domestic as well as International buyers.
  • The Payments and Shipping will be taken care of by us, and as soon as any requirement arises we will get the fabric picked up from your premises and hassle-free payments will be made in your account before order fulfillment.
  • The only condition is that the fabric needs to be in good, usable quality with correct specifications. Our endeavor is to sell your excess fabric at the earliest and at the best price possible.

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